The humans behind La Goutte d'Or

Sarah Brandreth

A passionate woman, Sarah is deeply driven by the impulse to live every moment in unity with the magnetic energy of the desires of the heart of the Earth... in all humility! She has always carried the sincere desire to protect and honour our Mother Earth and her wild nature that invites us to be free and in harmony with Earth and her natural rhythms. We must allow ourselves to be fed in the most simplest ways possible from the fertile lands Earth offers us, accepting Earth’s tokens of love. This is Sarah's cherished wish of Love for Life!

Marc Nadeau

He is the epitome of our mission: zero waste!  Marc walks, runs or pedals to and from work, braving all the weather possible in southern Quebec (which sometimes takes him 2 hours!!!). He truly recycles everything he finds! He is our order specialist, the designer-maker of the boxes and furniture we offer. In short, he is our handyman par excellence. In addition, he insisted that his absolute LOVE for collectible stamps and macramé be publicly emphasized... We are truly grateful to have this simply dedicated man on our team!